The calculated prices are valid for all time-dependent trips (on an hourly basis) within Munich - either round trips (respectively "available in Munich") or a ride from one place in Munich to another location and back (e.g. from the hotel to the restaurant and back to the hotel).

The journey has to start in Munich City or at Munich Airport. Also, the end of the journey must be in Munich City (anywhere) or at Munich Airport. If you want your trip to start or end at another point, please use our Enquiry form (no online calculation possible).

For sedans, minivans and double decker coaches (70-75 seats) there is no calculator available at the moment. Please use the Enquiry form in this case.

The rides are calculated with one driver. The legal driving time interruptions must be respected. Details on the driving and rest times can be found here: pdfSocial Regulations for Bus Drivers

Parking fees are generally not taken into account. At Munich Airport no parking fees apply.

We point out that our prices change depending on the date of travel. The prices of other trip data can not be concluded from a cost estimate for a particular trip date. Prices change as a function of workload. Prices are binding with our confirmation.

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