Vehicles and Drivers

The amount insured is a lump sum of EUR 100 million for personal injury and property and financial damage, the payout for personal injury is limited to EUR 12 million per injured person.

According to our Terms&Conditions we exclude liability for property damage, if the damage for each carried person exceeds EUR 1020.

An insurance certificate can be found here:pdfVersicherungsbestätigumg.pdf

Luggage can only be stored within the available luggage compartment. In the passenger compartment, hand luggage can only be carried within the provided storage space. We will not be liable for costs that incurred due to unannounced excess luggage, ski luggage or bulky luggage. Our vehicles can be partially equipped with ski racks or trailers. Please inform us at request or reservation if you arrive with ski bags. We can gladly offer additional luggage transporters. The luggage capacity of the vehicle varies depending on vehicle size and can not always be set based on the seating capacity. Reference values can be - based on a standard case with about 80 liters - as follows:


Car type Standard suitcase
Car 2
Minivan 6
16 seater 10
33 seater 25
46 seater and larger According to the seating capacity

Please also note the general terms and conditions. From those follows that luggage transportation is only possible within the limits of the available luggage compartment. Hand luggage can only be transported inside the intended storage space in the passenger compartment. It is possible to book some of our vehicles with an external ski rack. Please inform us in the course of your enquiry or booking if you are travelling with ski luggage. We are not liable for unannounced excess luggage (e.g. extra vehicle necessary).

Offers and Orders

Many trips make it necessary that the bus driver stays outside of Munich. The reasons for this are case sensitive (empty runs are uneconomical, driving and working hours, etc.). Should the UuV for the bus driver be necessary, you will find a note on your offer or the order confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed, we assume that UuV is organized by the client. Possibly accumulating empty runs (driver not to stay at the hotel of the group) are not part of rental price and may lead to additional costs.

If we are to take care of the organization of the UuV, please inform us in writing when placing the order. The costs of the UuV will be calculated in accordance with the offer or the order confirmation as a lump sum or factored into the rental price. The driver's room and board is to be provided half-board based. The driver room must be equipped with a private toilet / shower room (no bunk washrooms). Half board means that the driver gets breakfast and one other meal (lunch or dinner).

Unless otherwise agreed, parking fees, entrance fees, tolls and ferry costs are not part of the agreed rental price. One exception are motorway tolls, which are already included in the rental price.

If these costs are to be part of the rent, we need a detailed program including the desired destination points. In many cases a timetable is needed because the access fees are based on the time of travel (eg Venice, Paris, ...).

A flat rate per day is possible. If possible, please inform us upon your request. If the charges turn out lower, a settlement after the journey is not possible in this case.

Unplanned service expansions are exceeding the contractual limits of the rental period, route or other cost-effective components of the contract.

Please note that you are not entitled to unplanned service expansions. Unless otherwise agreed, unplanned service expansions will be charged subsequently. If service expansions are to be collected by the client, please let us know when placing the order.

A service expansion beyond the statutory driving and rest periods for drivers is basically - even in exceptional cases - not possible.

We do not charge night surcharges.

Gratuities for drivers engaged are not part of the rent. Gratuities are voluntary and depend on the client satisfaction. Since many clients ask us what is paid "generally" as a tip, here are the following standard values:

Transfer Munich area/ Munich Airport € 10
1/2 day € 15
1/1 day € 30

Order Processing

In the afternoon of the last workday prior to the trip (not later than 17:00 h) you get the driver's contact details. On Friday you will receive the data for trips on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.In the case of public holidays you get the data on the last workday before the holiday (or holidays) for the holiday (or holidays) and the next workday.

In case of serious problems you can reach our office outside of the opening hours: Tel. +49 / (0) 89/907783911. Please leave a message on the emergency mailbox. You will be called back immediately.Please note that we charge a service fee of EUR 50 for changes on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

To avoid problems at your planned trip, please note the mandatory legal requirements for drivers. To ensure safe transportation of the passengers, the current legal requirements must be adhered to. Exceeding these - even in exceptional cases - is not possible in any case. A summary of the rules can be found here:


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