Is bus travel environmentally friendly?

Sustainable action is part of our corporate philosophy

We are clearly committed to our social responsibility and base all our decisions on climate and environmental protection as well as energy efficiency.

The bus is environmentally friendly

The bus is record holder in terms of economy and climate compatibility. Each individual bus replaces around 30 cars on the road. In terms of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, the bus is the most environmentally friendly motorized means of transport. A coach only emits 32 g CO₂ per person and kilometer.

modern fleet

Modern Fleet

Our modern fleet consists exclusively of vehicles that meet the Euro 5 and 6 emission standards. A decisive criterion when purchasing a new vehicle is the fuel efficiency of the vehicles and thus their environmental compatibility.

Modern Depot

Our depot, newly built in 2020, meets high structural standards in terms of energy efficiency and resource conservation. 

Examples of this are heat-insulating glazing and gates, energy-saving lighting, a solar system. 

We try to optimize the consumption of resources by avoiding and reducing them (e.g. switching from disposable containers to reusable containers).

hero bus
electric bus

Electric Bus

We invest in the electrification of drives without government subsidies. In 2020, our fleet was supplemented by a purely electric bus with a range of 300 km, which is used at BMW for factory tours.

CO₂ Compensation

Traveling by bus makes an active contribution to environmental protection. Nevertheless, there are still unavoidable emissions at the moment.

CO₂ compensation offers the opportunity to travel and at the same time not to burden your own CO₂ footprint.

Calculate the CO₂ emissions for a coach here:

Number of people x kilometers x 0.032 kg CO₂

Costs for CO₂ compensation:

Number of people x kilometers x 0.032 kg CO₂ x 0.03 euros

If desired, you can offset 100% of the CO₂ emissions